Ebuzzing’s technologies

Internet users play a major role in the creation and distribution of content on the Web.

One of the challenges today resides in the organization and comprehension of these mechanisms. This becomes even more significant for a brand who wants to communicate and benefit from the incredible visibility potential that Social Media offers. This work is made possible through bespoke technologies.

Cutting- edge technologies for users and brands
With nearly 50% of our expenditures on R&D, we are a veritable innovation center offering unique services to the users and brands that trust us. Together, we have the equivalent of 300 man-years of technology development within the group. Because the Internet evolves quickly, we are continuously improving our algorithms and our systems in order to anticipate the need for information, identify content sources that will be leaders or also to categorise this content.

We understand the technologies hidden behind Social Media players, as we are a leading player ourselves through OverBlog.

We use this technological know-how in order to help brands identify the influencers, communities and content which allow them to efficiently address their target audiences.