Created in 2004, Ebuzzing has been joined by other start-ups, who are leaders in their markets. In the genes of all these start-ups is their passion for social media and innovative technology.

The adventure started with the successful merging of Ebuzzing, Wikio and OverBlog. Until the summer of 2011, the new start-ups formed Wikio Group.
The mixture of talent, cultures and complementary technologies from each of these our business units (Wikio, Overblog, Ebuzzing, Nomao, Neotia, Promodigital, Happyapps, and Trigami) has greatly increased the new group’s capital.

Each one is an expert in Social Media with has a particular area of expertise, and wanted to extend their reach beyond the frontier of their country. All of the start-ups came to the Ebuzzing merger with the same ambition: to create THE leading Social Media group, what we are today!

Today, Ebuzzing is present in 6 European countries and is developing its activities worldwide. Still in motion, our group is always adding to its expertise, individual talents or start-ups, which reinforce our position as the European leader in social media