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The Blog rankings, the Top videos ranking and brand rankings are exclusive to Ebuzzing. They allow us to target your campaigns and to provide you with the best campaign monitoring solution on the market.

Blog rankings

Since 2006, Ebuzzing has been publishing the European blog reference ranking (formerly known as the WIKIO rankings). More than 2 million sources are catalogued and analysed. The semantic content ranking is performed automatically. Blog and article popularity are calculated using our algorithm, which takes into account content shares and recommendations on Twitter, Facebook and the primary content exchange platforms.

The monthly blog rankings are a Social Media Advertising industry reference. Across the 5 countries it covers, it identifies the most influential players for each industry, as well as recognising nascent tendencies and the most relevant/important social publishers for your campaigns.

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Top Videos Rankings

Watching videos online or on mobile devices is revolutionising branded content distribution. Are you at the forefront of this revolution?

Ebuzzing’s top video allows you to follow the most popular videos being shared on social media. Our expertise in this format and our technologies, allow us to publish the top videos ranking in real- time.

The Top Video Ranking also presents the Top Branded Video Ranking.

Find out which videos are creating a buzz, analyse the keys to their success and monitor the progression of this content within communities.

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Brand rankings

Is your brand amongst the most popular on social media platforms? Which social publishers share most of the content on the web to do with your brand? Go to the Ebuzzing brand rankings to see which brands are the most popular on Facebook, blogs, Twitter and YouTube…

This ranking system, which is the only one of its kind in Europe, relies on Ebuzzing’s know-how and the expertise of its R&D teams.

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