Create the conversation!

Identify the influencers with a connection to your brand; and make them a brand ambassador by having them become part of your engagement campaigns. Measure your results in a detailed report.

Ebuzzing is the leader in sponsored conversations in Europe; we have generated thousands of campaigns for brands such as eBay, Ford, Sony, Peugeot, Oakley, Ubisoft and Honda amongst others.

Generate conversations around your brand and products

Through the use of technologies developed around Ebuzzing Labs, Ebuzzing identifies those social publishers who have an affinity with your brand.

We offer them an attractive brand experience that they can share with their community. This experience could be a campaign with visual supports or even an opportunity to participate in a real life event. We will assist you, if necessary, in setting up campaign briefs.

Reports centered on the KPI of the conversation, as well as user involvement

Direct sponsored publication monitoring; notification of spontaneous publications; content and comment crawling; analysis of the tone of the conversation; calculation of share of voice; competitor analysis…

Ebuzzing’s reports are the most comprehensive on the market and are included with each campaign. At no extra cost, you will be able to take advantage of the most advanced tools based on Ebuzzing Labs.

Please refer to our Case Studies and contact us for a quick demonstration of a system adapted to your needs.